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Subject:   OroborOSX and minimise-to-dock
Date:   2002-01-16 10:50:10
From:   adrianu1
Response to: OroborOSX and minimise-to-dock

BTW, I'm curious to know...

Did Rosenthal ever say the word "OroborOSX"?
How did he pronounce it?

I've never yet had any need to say "OroborOSX", and I've little idea how to...!

(orobor oh ess ten? oroboros-ex? oroboros ten?)



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  1. Chris Stone photo OroborOSX and minimise-to-dock
    2002-01-16 16:04:58  Chris Stone | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    • OroborOSX pronunciation
      2002-01-17 06:54:07  adrianu1 [View]

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        2003-10-19 06:22:56  anonymous2 [View]

      • OroborOSX pronunciation
        2002-03-17 01:44:26  jasonaaronwilson [View]

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