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Subject:   OroborOSX and minimise-to-dock
Date:   2002-01-16 16:04:58
From:   chris_stone
Response to: OroborOSX and minimise-to-dock

I think he used "oroboros ten" (or was it oroboros ex?).

Anyway, now's a good time time to set it in how would you like the name of your creation pronounced?

(you heard it here first , folks! :-)

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  1. OroborOSX pronunciation
    2002-01-17 06:54:07  adrianu1 [View]

    • OroborOSX pronunciation
      2003-10-19 06:22:56  anonymous2 [View]

    • OroborOSX pronunciation
      2002-03-17 01:44:26  jasonaaronwilson [View]

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