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Subject:   OroborOSX pronunciation
Date:   2002-01-17 06:54:07
From:   adrianu1
Response to: OroborOSX and minimise-to-dock

Ummm... errrr....

Well, it's something I've spent quite a while thinking about...

The problem is, I don't actually much like the name. I originally made it up because it started off as a slight modification to the Oroborus window manager, by Ken Lynch (see OroborOSX v0.1 -a standard, 'unix-based' window manager), but designed to look a bit better with OS X.

Then I figured out how to do some neat integration by turning it into a Carbon app...

What I really want is to change the name -make it more evocative of a "Complete Environment for Running X11 Applications on Mac OS X" (CERXAMOSX!).

Any suggestions would be most welcome...
(Maybe I should run a competition ;-)



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