Pro User's Perspective on the New iMac (and Other Apple Revelations)
Subject:   As a Pro User I lust for the iMac but...
Date:   2002-01-17 07:03:59
From:   soosy
As a Pro User I initially wanted a bit more from the iMac and then I realized it is a consumer machine. The fact that they got a G4 and a LCD screen in there for $1299 is incredible!

The other reason I wanted more from the iMac is because it's so cool looking. I want one, bad! But I've pretty much decided my next machine will be dual-processor. I really hope they revise the PowerMac case to look somewhat as cool as the new iMac. They should also bring back the cube or introduce a monitorless iMac... if the price is right, people would buy and I think there are plenty of Pro users drooling over the new iMac but wanting a little bit more options (especially in the display area). I think there's room for more than 4 product lines... can't Apple give us a little more choice without ruining their profitability. I know they already tried with the cube... here's to hoping they try again!

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  1. As a Pro User I lust for the iMac but...
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