Sliding into WebDAV
Subject:   Traversing Directory Trees
Date:   2005-03-02 07:10:24
From:   afsteed
I'm having trouble using the slide webdav client to traverse a directory tree on the server.

My server is Apache 2.0.53 with webdav enabled, and the directory structure is:


/dav/, /dav/FolderA/, and /dav/FolderB/FolderC/ contain files.

If I create a WebdavResource to /dav/ and do either a list() or getChildResources() it lists only the files and not the subdirectories. However, it lists itself as a child if and only if there are subdirectories.

Example, if I remove FolderA and FolderB from /dav/, and do a list() or getChildResources() I get this:

But if /dav/ contains any subdirectories, I get this:

Given a WebdavResource that is a collection, how do you get a list of the collections contained in it?

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