Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
Subject:   Image Editor Thoughts
Date:   2002-01-17 22:12:08
From:   derrick
One of my favorite moments during the Steve Jobs keynote address at Macworld was during the iPhoto demo. Steve was demonstrating the ability to set iPhoto's default image editor to a third party Mac OS X application such as Photoshop ... but wait ... there isn't a OS X version of Photoshop ... hmmm.

So what do you do since iPhoto has only cropping, rotating, B&W conversion, and red eye correction tools? Well you can link to the Classic version of Photoshop, but that can get frustrating.

Consider Graphic Converter, a $30 shareware program from Lemke Software, which is Mac OS X native. You can try it free for a while to see if you like it. There's some getting used to the different locations for the tools, but it's darn powerful.

I really like its Jpeg compression -- which creates much more compact files than other image editors. Also, it allows you to save "Web ready" (without resource). This is particularly nice when attaching Jpegs to e-mail for Windows PC users.