Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   bootable partition
Date:   2005-03-03 05:37:09
From:   -=j0mi=-
-=ECHO1=- writes:

"i have the same problem..config is ok but no bootable partition, i have tried darwin, it's working, but when i load the Mac OS X 10.3 image, the whole thing is stop at the boot loader, and waiting, because " 0 bootable partition(s) found". if i choose 0 to display the rest of the partitions i can see the list (apple/Apple_Partition_map) ect..but when i choose somethin it says "This Partition is not bootable"."

I have the same problem too... Anybody can help me? Thanks

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    2007-06-29 10:56:00  micneamol [View]

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