A Look at Commons Chain, Part 1
Subject:   commons mire
Date:   2005-03-03 11:32:50
From:   BillSiggelkow
Response to: commons mire

I understand your point with Commons Logging -- it seems that
this is an issue that needs to be addressed (and may be, I have
not researched the activity in this area). As far as Digester and
BeanUtils, these subprojects have proven to be quite valuable.
Digester provides a lot of more to XML parsing that Chain uses
-- why reinvent the wheel. Likewise with BeanUtils.

I think you will also find that most open source frameworks leverage other frameworks. Just download Hibernate and look at how many additional JARs it ships with. The issue here is that Chain does not *ship* with these Jars -- perhaps this is just a build issue that could be addressed by the Commons team.