An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X
Subject:   Scripter morphing Programmer
Date:   2002-01-18 09:58:50
From:   carpenter-b
I am a conventional Applescripter. I got hired on as a audio/video specialist for a distribution company, put in front of a Mac and told to learn to make it work. Learning Applescript from tutorials and books for dummies like me, I was able to get an automated system for encoding audio, video, preping images for the web and getting all this into a kiosk as well. I have been able to learn Applescript in a classroom as well. I have no training in any computer language nor in the structure of programming.
What I want to learn to do with applescript is what applescript is made to do. Getting applications to work with each other and getting then to manipulate data into something that will be a finished product.
I saw the QT video presentation of Sal, using FileMaker Pro, imaging software and Quark to create a catalog for Real Estate. Wonderful! That is what I want to do as well. And I want to make an application out of all my work. But my enviroment variables are not conventional or standard by any means.
Java, SQL, AIX, JDBC, AS/400, WinNT, MQ series and IBM's DB2 have been brought to the table. Not to mention, Web servers, FTP, and all kinds of other servers. I need to find a way to get my enviroment involved. In other words, real programming. All my work is devalued because it is scripting.
OS X and Applescript Studio have to be my hero.