Canon PowerShot SD200: A Big Little Camera
Subject:   click to picture taken speed
Date:   2005-03-03 23:10:55
From:   toddogas
Response to: click to picture taken speed

I suspect it depends on what settings are turned on/off when taking the photographs as well as the state of the SD card (speed of the card and, according to the Canon manual, file fragmentation). I tested it using a recently purchased 1GB SD card (not a special high speed one, btw). I set the SD200 to the "Kids and Pets" mode and turned off the flash. I was able to take two photos one right after the other. The only delay was the auto-LCD review image that flashed on the screen after the first photo. Auto LCD review can be adjusted or turned off. There is also a continuous shooting mode that is takes between 2 and 3 frames per second. And, of course, there is always the 30fts and 60fps video modes.