Animating Graphics in Cocoa, Part 1
Subject:   Archiving example
Date:   2002-01-19 00:11:28
From:   psheldon
Response to: Archiving graphics

I think NSArray holds any sort of object, including arrays. ADC might have said this to you. I wanted to write on the animation 1 thread before you started looking at the new thread and missed it.
lists all the columns Mike wrote. You seem to have come in late and maybe missed one of the columns.

I've read and programmed from every one, but still feel like a newby. I think it is getting easier to read a column and lingo gets more and more familiar, so I am learning something.

When cocoa first came out, I ventured out on my own alot thinking I could somehow debug immature early documentation and make it grow strong. It was confusing and now I wait for Mike's column but sometimes catch fire with a solo attempt again. The last four days I've gotten dizzy with Maple problem wherein I caught fire.

On the above list of columns, is a link to an address book which, I recall, showed a number of ways to save stuff.

First to build the address book :
Next to save it various ways :

Perhaps, in your having struggled with saving graphics, this will firm up the memories for you. Remember, life will have you revisit useful stuff and then you'll be able to relearn it faster than you originally learned it.