Windows XP from a Mac Perspective
Subject:   Windows, get me outta here
Date:   2005-03-07 00:12:18
From:   torachan
Response to: XP is ace

I've been using windows all my computing life 10 years or more and having windows xp since it came out I have to say it's crap. Everyday it crashes or there is some kind of major dilemma. I have a compaq running a 1.4ghz celeron 256mb ram and a 20gb hard drive that is half full and I update windows constantly have good anti virus software, spyware software so I don't think I should be having problems if XP were a decent os. Run two or more programs and you've got serious speed problems. Simply running Office programs can be a dilemma when you type the goddam computer can't keep up. The gui is impractical and more often thant it isn't not straightfoward. The graphics on a mac appear to be so much more clear and as far as I'm concerned i'm ready to switch. The xp interface is an improvement however the mac osx does appear alot more user friendly. Microsoft has lost one customer.