Scripting Mac OS X
Subject:   Scripting Internet Connect
Date:   2005-03-07 08:50:16
From:   jamesreynolds
Response to: Scripting Internet Connect

I am unfamiliar with users' DUN. Dial up number? Is this something set in System Prefereces?

The way you find out if an application is AppleScriptable is you drag it (the app) on top of Script Editor and let go. Script Editor will open the application's dictionary if it is AppleScriptable or give you a message if it is not AppleScriptable. Even if it isn't AppleScriptable, you could probably do what you wanted with Apple UI scripting:

If it is scriptable, you just have to read the dictionary to find out how to do what you want.

If you are scripting the network settings, AppleScript might not be the best tool. Look into scutil (type "scutil --help") or ncutil (