An Interview with Cory Doctorow
Subject:   Ouch.
Date:   2005-03-07 20:03:48
From:   MEP
Response to: Ouch.

Don't worry Cory. This guy will just be left behind when the Bitchun' Society gets into full swing. :)

More seriously though, I find it interesting that the same community that often praises Doctorow and follows his every move with baited breath when he works for the EFF or debunks the notions that serve as the foundation for hare-brained technology like DRM are the very same people who lash out at him vehemently when he applies the same common sense notions to their favorite scifi authors.

Remixing music, fair use in TV recording and defending peer to peer technologies are causes everyone can stand behind. But reinterpret Asimov and you're branded a heretic. You can support remixing the latest Jay Z album, but don't you dare touch Heinlein. He's canon for pete's sake.

I think Doctorow may have really struck a nerve with some people by questioning the ideals that serve as the foundations of classic scifi and I hope he doesn't always get this kind of negative reaction. Personally, I thought your remixing of I Robot was pretty good and I look forward to seeing where you go with some of these other stories.

So to Cory (if you ever read this):
Looking forward to the new book. Good luck at the Nebulas. And seriously try to write more convincing female characters (hard I know, believe me I know, but worth working on).