An Interview with Cory Doctorow
Subject:   the titles
Date:   2005-03-08 14:03:37
From:   michaelsmanley
I thought the (ok, "a") point of Doctorow's latest crop of stories was to challenge the assumptions about ownership of a title. Weren't these started in reaction to Ray Bradbury getting all bent out of shape over Michael Moore's "appropriation" of the title "Fahrenheit 411"?

(No knocks intended towards Bradbury, Moore or Doctorow -- I like and/or dislike their works as works, not as bodies of work.)

As for having a character whose family is that, erm, varied -- sounds more like absurdism than urban fantasy or magical realism, unless maybe the book posits a culture wholly transformed by some kind(s) of ubiquitous, infectious technology. Kind of like Jeff Noon's "Vurt" books.