Software Patents in the EU
Subject:   Patents-yes or no?
Date:   2005-03-09 10:08:57
From:   sandandbears
I won't go into detail, but as an overview, the Internet ( as well as numerous other items before patents came about ) was developed without the restrictions that patents impose, and the results are wonderful and useful without end.
The M$ came along and started in with it's patent everything nonsense, and you now have to open your pocket every time Bill feel short of funds. Open source, doesn't drain your pockets in that way, and usually is the source of the greatest of new innovations. (Compare the patched-up, patented mess that M$ provides(?) you with), and it's easy for me to conclude that patents should not be applied to software.

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  1. Patents-yes or no?
    2005-03-14 04:41:31  jwenting [View]

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