Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
Subject:   Too limiting, maybe not
Date:   2002-01-21 21:59:47
From:   derrick
Response to: Too limiting

Thanks for your comments. I bet your daughter is Dad's favorite model :)

Well, as I understand it, the picture limit isn't really a problem. Here's why ...

As I mentioned in the article, I close out iPhoto Libraries when they approach 700 MB. That way I can burn them on to CD with all the links in place.

I have 329 photos in my current photo library . I just checked the size of my "iPhoto Library" folder (in the Pictures directory), and it's already up to 521 MBs. That means in another 120 photos or so, I'm going to have to close that library and burn it on to CD.

Once I close the Library, I may choose to keep it on my hard drive because it's easier to activate that way rather than copying it back to my primary drive from auxiliary drive or from CD. Either way, I'm going to close it for back-up reasons.

I'm shooting 3.4 megapixel pictures, so even if you were shooting at half that resolution, I'd doubt that you'd still exceed 1,000 pictures before you reached the magic 700 MB library size that means it's time to close it out and burn a disc.

The exception to this limit is of course those lucky dogs who can burn DVDs. But as I said in the article, it's still a good idea to back up your pictures every Gig or so (if not more often!!!).

My guess is that as time goes by, we'll see some real improvements in iPhoto, including fewer restrictions for images per library. Remember, when iMovie first came out, you could only hold about a dozen clips on the shelf. Now that was a *serious* restriction!