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  Developing the Battle.net Emulator BNETD
Subject:   Control
Date:   2005-03-10 22:09:27
From:   Win32
I believe the Battle.net squad are simply control freaks.
They want total control over the online gaming community so they can implement their own rules and regulations at a administrative level, and therefor, unquestionable.
At one point in time, there was a rumour that for any Battle.net user there would be a monthly fee attached. They are just preying on the fact there are legions of dedicated users who basically have electronic lives within Battle.net, whether they are gaming or not.
From my perspective as an accomplished C++/ASM programmer, Battle.net haven't really done that must of a fantastic job developing their server, and certainly a lower level of server maintainence.
An emulation of the server done by experienced programmers (Such as I beleive the BNETD crew are) will end up being just as good and no doubt better than the 'legit' Battle.net server.
Anyway, they're my thoughts.

ICE CASH/iTech - Programming Director