The Builders of Basecamp
Subject:   Nice article -- thanks!
Date:   2005-03-12 06:02:59
From:   terrie
I've been using Basecamp for a number of projects at O'Reilly. I'm in awe of the interface work there...great stuff.

Like any other system, it's most useful if you have good discipline about entering information regularly (my biggest hurdle). It would be interesting to see some case studies of different ways people are using it, especially for complex projects, or the folks who are putting it to use in unexpected ways. (What might be ideal would be to just browse around their installations).

I've always been interested in project management, but most of the information I could find about it seemed too far removed from how things work in the real world to be very useful for the kind of work I do. I love to see more articles, or tips and tricks about managing nimble web projects, and I'd especially love to hear what folks with "classic" project management training have to say. I really enjoyed Getting Real, Step 1: No Functional Spec and agree that starting with the interface makes a lot of sense. What I'm wondering is how you get a realistic time and work estimate for the development and production work from there.

Really looking forward to the Etech session and future articles/posts!