Inside StYNCies
Subject:   Help with the build process.
Date:   2005-03-12 20:38:52
From:   ptwobrussell
Response to: Help with the build process.

The reference to "Game" appears to be a reference to something that's totally unrelated to this project. Did you start with a fresh new Cocoa application in XCode v1.5? The reference to the Prefix header being missing seems to indicate that this might not be the case, because that's something that normally gets taken care of automatically.

At any rate, I need a bit more info than what you gave me.

Is this your first Cocoa project ever? (need to know so I can provide better guidance for you specifically...not sure since your name is "thenewguy")

Is this your first attempt at building this project? At what specific point in the article are you trying to build?

Do you have any build settings from any other projects that might be throwing things off for any reason? The reference to "Game" is totally unexpected. Have you done any recent projects involving "Game" or know of any reason why you'd have any references to any such thing?

Give me some more info and I'll try to get you going.