Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
Subject:   Critique of Picture Book
Date:   2002-01-23 07:27:12
From:   derrick
I created and placed an order for a linen-bound Picture Book via iPhoto on the evening of Sunday, Jan. 13. Apple sent me an e-mail that night confirming the order.

On Thursday, Jan 17, Apple notified me that the book had been shipped via USPS. And on Tuesday, Jan. 22 I received the order. I would have had it a day earlier, but we were all celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day! :-)

The packaging of the book was what I expected -- clean and efficient. A nice touch is the design of the clear plastic sleeve (that the book slides into) -- it's resealable. So you can carry the book around in the sleeve without worrying about getting the linen cover dirty.

The cover, binding, endpapers, and pictures themselves all looked great. Wonderful craftmanship on this product.

Apple gets a thumbs up on this one.

BTW: I also have 10 Kodak prints ordered that should be here soon. More to report.