Weblog:   2005 is Year of Local Mobile Search
Subject:   Open the phones, open the networks...
Date:   2005-03-14 05:33:06
From:   timhardy
I share your frustration. The mobile market seems hamstrung on a hardware level by closed devices with different vendor implementations of supposedly open standards and on a network level by service providers who restrict access to the wider internet and hope consumers will be happy to play in a small, read-only walled garden modeled on traditional media. I'm just waiting for two things: a phone (running linux?) which can be customised at will so that users can add, for example, whitelisting/greylisting/blacklisting to text messages or sophisticated call handling rules or home-spun games or whatever their imagination desires; and, second, for service providers that give full and easy internet access with no port blocking or obligatory proxies. Then, and only then, will you see development driven by the needs of users rather than someone else's business plan and the growth of applications of the type you describe. I fear, however, that we have a long wait ahead of us.

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  1. Open the phones, open the networks...
    2005-05-08 15:15:20  AJTurner [View]

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