WET11 Upgrades
Subject:   ME102 as a client
Date:   2005-03-15 10:41:41
From:   mt8885
Hello Amitabh,

I had a similar problem to yours, which I managed to fix. The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle for me was setting the "ESSID" and "Name" fields to match those of the Access point at the other end. In your case that means setting the ME102 as a client and setting the Name/ESSID to be that of your Netgear router. I know it sounds funny, but I guess these fields mean something different when the device is set as a client.

I'd recommend trying it out on a desktop/laptop before hooking it up to the print server. It's then much easier to check if it's working. My setup is ME102 as Access Client operational mode with a smartbridges Airpoint PRO as the Access point. I'd also recommend configuring/testing using the SNMP utility (with crossover) rather than the USB utility, because that's how you're going to connect the printer. Set "Enable DHCP client" and "DHCP primary port" over wireless.
Also, it might help if you broadcast the ESSID. I didn't set any encryption, just MAC filtering on the smartbridges AP (not the client).

Hope that helps.