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Subject:   Problems with accessing web using FireWire
Date:   2005-03-15 16:08:45
From:   nelslau
Response to: Problems with accessing web using FireWire


Yes, I was hopeful that things would work following the simple instructions in the article. I am using an iBook connected to the internet via airport and tried to use a firewire cable to connect my G4 tower to the internet via my iBook. (0S 10.3.8 on both machines).

I have turned off firewalls on both machines, turned on personal file sharing, and turned off the firewall on my wireless adsl modem/router as well.

The G4 seems to connect via the firewire as it is assigned an IP address and locates the router, but I can't connect when I open Safari. Also, when I check the connection using Network Utilities, there is a 100% packet loss with the PING function.

I'm a relatively experienced mac user but I still for the life of me am unable to figure this one out. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who has any ideas on how I can fix this problem!

Many Thanks.