Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
Subject:   iPhoto and Netscape 4.0
Date:   2002-01-25 21:37:29
From:   greggman
I've been trying to find an example of a page of thumbnails, created by iPhoto, where there are around 125 images and each image has a border.

I think the most I've seen anyone post is like 15 thumbnails on one page.

The reason that I ask is I personal have a page like that from a different piece of software. It works fine under IE, NS6, Opera but it crashes Netscape 4.X. So, I'm wondering if Apple found a solution. If so, is it

*) You can't put that many images on a page using iPhoto. (Netscape 4.x does not crash there are only around 20 images.)

*) iPhoto does crash netscape 4.x and apple doesn't care because nobody is running netscape 4.x anymore

*) iPhoto uses slightly different HTML so that netscape 4.x does not crash.

Any chance somebody could try this for me? Take a 120 pictures, (or 20 duplicated 6 times etc..), make a page of thumbnails with iPhoto with all 120 thumbnails on the same webpage using a border around each thumbnail, post it somewhere so I can view it with netscape 4.x and see if it chokes or not