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Subject:   ftp rules?
Date:   2005-03-16 13:49:39
From:   oefe
For ftp FTP connections, the first rule seems to be clear:
allow tcp from any to any 20-21 in
This lets clients connect to the ftp port (21) and to ftp-data(20).

But what is the second rule supposed to be?
allow tcp from any 20,21 to any 1024-65535 in
This would allow clients to access any (unprivileged) port as long as they are connecting from port 20 or 21.

Is this somehow supposed to support passive ftp? But clients normally can't (and won't) use the privileged ports.

Indeed, with the firewall active, I can connect to the ftp server, but I can't up/download files or even get a directory listing.

How do I configure ipfw correctly for passive ftp? Or can I tell ftpd to use port 20 for the data connection?

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