Windows Server Hacks: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop
Subject:   Re: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop
Date:   2005-03-17 09:26:19
From:   navyjax2
Response to: Re: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

This is likely a permissions issue on that key. You need to have admin privileges on the computer you are accessing. As long as you do, you can go and right-click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, hit Permissions and add the right permissions to your user name (Full Control should do it), go through the Advanced button, go to the Owner tab, take ownership of it, go through the Effective Permissions tab, hit Select and then type in your user name, it should show you your permissions. On the Permissions tab, select your user name and Edit and you can select all the permissions there. You can then hit Apply and OK, then mark the Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects checkbox and uncheck the Inherit from parent...blah blah blah, so that it will replace those permissions with what you are selecting and not draw them from anything higher. All of that is in no particular order, I just do it until I get it to accept it all. If you can't get it to give you these permissions with all of this, you may not have admin rights or the registry could have some permission corruption.