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Subject:   Resizing movie views
Date:   2002-01-26 20:36:03
From:   ryan_dingman
Response to: Resizing movie views

It is also worth noting that you can obtain the size of a movie without needing an NSMovieView. You can ask NSMovie for its QuickTime movie with -[NSMovie QTMovie] and then use GetMovieNaturalBoundsRect() to get its size. The following category on NSMovie is generally useful.

@implementation NSMovie (NSMovieExtensions)

- (NSSize)size;
Movie movie;
Rect movieRect;

movie = [self QTMovie];
GetMovieNaturalBoundsRect(movie, &movieRect);

return NSMakeSize(movieRect.right - movieRect.left, movieRect.bottom -;


Hope this helps.


Ryan Dingman
FrontBase, Inc.

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