Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
Subject:   How to have unique keywords for each "library"
Date:   2002-01-26 20:54:35
From:   derrick
In the article I advocate that you choose your keywords carefully so they'll be useful over the long haul. But what if you want to have a unique set of keywords for each iPhoto library?

It's not really a problem. When you back up your iPhoto Library (in the Pictures folder), also grab the Preferences file and save it with the library. How do you do that?

First quit iPhoto.

Then find the file by following this path: "user" --> Library --> Preferences. In Preferences, look for the file, "". Pull it out of Preferences and save it with the iPhoto Library.

The next time you launch iPhoto, it will create a new preferences file, which allows you to make new keywords to go with your new pictures.

But if you want to restore your old keywords with your previous iPhoto Library, then just swap the file back in the Preferences folder when you load the old iPhoto Library folder back into the Pictures directory.