Getting Things Done with Your Mac
Subject:   Getting Things Done with Your Mac
Date:   2005-03-18 16:35:25
From:   gpercy
Thanks for your excellent article in pulling the many GTD and Mac resources together. I wanted to point out that there is also a group of Circus Ponies NoteBook users talking about their GTD notebooks, with comments and experiences. I've posted a link to your article in their forum NoteBook and Getting Things Done.

In my efforts to adopt the GTD method, I've been experimenting with several of the "Usual Suspects": DEVONthink, NoteBook, OmniOutliner, and VoodooPad. I really like the automatic wikiword recognition built into DEVONthink and VoodooPad ... as it provides an efficient and elegant implementation of Cascading Next Actions (hyperlinking the Action to its Project). But so far my favorite is NoteBook because of its user customized sorting of Status Check Boxes, Keywords, Priority, Due Dates etc.. It also has wikiwords, but you must manually make the link between pages each time you want a hyperlink. If NoteBook had the feature of automatically recognizing a wikiword, it would easily be my GTD application of choice thus far.