Open Source and Free Documentation Licenses, Part 3: The Open Gaming License
Subject:   I'm confused...
Date:   2005-03-19 03:45:11
From:   Dio220
I'm writing an RPG game using the D20 Modern core rules, which means I'm making it under the Open Game License. Since the OGL requires that I "Open Source" the implementation, and TGE is a closed source software, am I allowed to implement all the D20 stuff using a 3rd party mathematical software called J (not Java. Its the modern version of the APL programming language)?

Arthur stuff Augustine Augustus implementation Aveline mathematical Barbara Barnabas Barnard closed Bartholomew Basil requires Beatrice means Bellingham Since Benedict under Benjamin allowed Bennett D20 Bertram party Blaise version Blanche programming Botolph language Polidore Francis Pompey Francisca Prospero Phillipa Ferdinand Pierce fetisheca
linda1112 pda Sampson Griffin Machutus Griffith Magdalen Guy Manasses Gwenhoivar

This could help me use TGE and the d20 Modern rules together. Thanks.