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Subject:   Doesn't work
Date:   2005-03-19 10:45:43
From:   ptwobrussell
Response to: Doesn't work

So to clarify, when you say "file is promted to download in webrowser", you are referring to the simple perl file I pasted in to my previous reply? i.e. you get a prompt to download the actual perl file?

What URL are you typing in exactly? Is it http://localhost/cgi-bin/ ? (The cgi-bin part is important).

If you have modified /etc/httpd/httpd.conf recently, did you remember to stop and restart apache via your System Preferences/Sharing/Personal Web Sharing? If not, your changes weren't updated despite what it may appear. Stop and restart to be sure.

We're narrowing it down. Don't give up!


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  1. Doesn't work
    2005-03-19 13:14:52  Cool6324 [View]

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