Build an iTunes Remote Control
Subject:   Doesn't work
Date:   2005-03-19 13:14:52
From:   Cool6324
Response to: Doesn't work

Yes I am prompted to download the actual perl file.

I'm accessing the files http://localhost(or IP):81/cgi-bin/

:81 because my ISP blocks 80, and I have edited the httpd.conf to use 81. Not using a router either.

I'm also using my phone, as well as Opera(WAP). The Page with the links for or to commands does show. When I press a command it doesn't work. ie. Play doesn't work

I have retarted apache over and over. Still nothing.

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  1. Matthew Russell photo Doesn't work
    2005-03-19 13:47:11  Matthew Russell | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

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