Build an iTunes Remote Control
Subject:   Doesn't work
Date:   2005-03-19 15:22:22
From:   ptwobrussell
Response to: Doesn't work

From the header of the daemon script:

Usage: prompt$./iTunesRemoteControlDaemon.scr &

So what this assumes is that you're in the same directory as this script (and that you've set it to be executable with "chmod u+x"). Just like any other script, when you type in ./someScriptName, it will execute if it's executable. Placing the ampersand should return your prompt to you. At that point, if you type in "ps -aux | grep iTunesRemoteControlDaemon.scr", you should see it without having to filter through anything.

Does that work for you?


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  1. Doesn't work
    2005-03-19 15:31:10  Cool6324 [View]

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