Getting Things Done with Your Mac
Subject:   GTD with Hog Bay Notebook
Date:   2005-03-22 08:15:24
From:   Jesse.Grosjean
For those tracking Hog Bay Notebook I'm happy to report that I have just released version 3.5.

Version 3.5 combines the notebook and outliner metaphors into a single application optimized to capture your next idea. Unlike comparable applications that specialize in styled text and multimedia content, Hog Bay Notebook strives for a clean, lightweight interface that is optimized to record your thoughts without distracting from your work.

More than a year in the making-version 3.5 was a true collaboration between Hog Bay Software and our users. Please stop by our user forums and see how users ideas have been incorporated and how others are using the application.

Hog Bay Notebook is available from Hog Bay Software for $27.95 at: