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  Miguel de Icaza Explains How to "Get" Mono
Subject:   Other language support?
Date:   2005-03-23 06:27:12
From:   gbraad
Response to: Other language support?

Jim Hugunin, the programmer behind IronPython, now works for Microsoft. So at the moment, no one is really actively programming for this project. it is quite unsure if anyone will ever resume to do so.

anyone, what about making the parrot on top of CLR?!? or make Cocoa# also work with GNUstep.

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  1. Other language support?
    2005-03-23 10:07:16  tomvons [View]

  2. Other language support?
    2005-03-23 07:26:38  xet7 [View]

    • Other language support?
      2005-05-07 10:10:29  jony [View]

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