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  Movies Made Easy in iPhoto 5
Subject:   RE: what about exporting movies?
Date:   2005-03-23 12:53:00
From:   derrick
Response to: all good information but what about exporting movies?

Well, not quite sure I get your drift here.

If you build the movie the way I described in the article, and saved it to your desktop, then it's already "exported." All you have to do then is put it on your server, drop it on to a CD, or add it to an iDVD project.

iPhoto, at this stage, enables you to catalog, sort, rate, etc. But QuickTime Pro still does all the heavy lifting for editing, encoding, etc.

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  1. RE: what about exporting movies?
    2005-04-17 10:31:37  smkolins [View]

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