Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Tips for use with PearPC
Date:   2005-03-24 01:31:20
From:   Icheb
If you want to be successfull with installing OS X, i suggest you go to Prasys' homepage, and download the PearPC 0.4PR release. it addresses multiple issues, and comes with a graphical setup application which will download the OpenVPN (Used for PearPC networking) and the 3gb Mac OS image (default). You can also elect it to install OpenVPN and configure it specifically for use. It is also very easy to configure using the ppc.cfg file instead of the graphical config program that you use with 0.3. it is also a lot more stable running mac OS 10.4 Tiger PR.


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  1. Tips for use with PearPC
    2005-03-24 01:34:26  Icheb [View]

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