Inside Contextual Menu Items, Part 2
Subject:   Are the old Apple docs still useful?
Date:   2005-03-25 12:14:33
From:   EGOSysDiz
Response to: Are the old Apple docs still useful?

(Un)fortunately, yes.

One of my main dissapointments with Mac OS X programming is how much Carbon knowledge is needed in order to create useful things like CMIs. This is slowly changing for the better, but until Apple kills it off completely, you'll need to ask yourself, "MUST I do this with Carbon?" way more often than you'd like.

Of course, now that OS X (and Carbon) has been around so long, it's doubtful that the Carbon API's will EVER really go away, but the day we can create CMI's in Cocoa will a day for great rejoicing. (If anyone already knows how to do this, let us know!)