Inside iPhoto: Image Management for Power Shooters
Subject:   unfortunately unacceptable
Date:   2002-01-30 07:59:05
From:   earlyjones
Thank you for your in-depth article about iPhoto. I am a huge Macintosh fan, and a big fan of Apple's "i" software in general, so I was really excited when I heard of iPhoto. Unfortunately, I find the Library file storage model to be unacceptable. Your work-around (multiple Library files) is creative, but I feel Apple made a poor architectural decision. I believe it is critical for a program like iPhoto to be able to keep track of the archival version of the file, wherever it is kept (most likely on a CD). Perhaps it makes sense to cache copies of images in the Library for quick retrieval, but without the ability to easily archive, and track archived images, the program has a serious weakness. I also take issue with the fact that iPhoto renames all image files as it imports them. I already have thousands of digital images stored on CD, and the last thing I want is for them to be arbitrarily renamed. Finally, Apple needs to make it very easy to export metadata (iptc data, keywords, etc.) from iPhoto in a format that is commonly supported by spreadsheet and database applications. I would like to see Apple extend iPhoto to make easy the process of archiving digital photos. The people really need this more than they need the ability to make coffee-table books. Meanwhile, I'm sticking with iView MediaPro ( It is easy to use, does the things I mention above, and is only $50. It doesn't directly link-up to a service like ofoto (though it facilitates preparation of images for sending to ofoto), or a the book-making service, but it does pretty much everything else and more. And I promise this is just my personal opinion and that I don't work for iView or anything like that. Thanks again for the good article and the forum for making these comments.

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  1. unfortunately unacceptable
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