Tim O'Reilly's WWDC Keynote Manuscript
Subject:   When will the OS be free of the hardware?
Date:   2005-03-30 03:40:48
From:   Fredb7
Response to: When will the OS be free of the hardware?

What are the obstacles to OS X on Intel?

The fact that Apple is an Hardware vendor first, maybe?
Or the fact that the OS X superiority is due, in part, to the hardware/OS integration?
The fact that Apple almost died when they allowed the clones?

Apple is profitable now, even without the iPods, so why would they want to risk everything to go after world domination?

I really hope they'll keep doing what they do good, be innovative and profitable and, continue to bring me this great experience.
I really wish they won't open OS X to x86!

I can't undertand that you're not ready to spend 500$ on something you agree it might change your everyday life.

People were complaining Apple hardware was expensive (that was untrue , btw). Now that there's a mac for 500$, you want OS X on Intel, then what? You'll ask to have it for free?
I don't think you're able to switch to OS X, you'll always find a "good" reason not to.

If you were ready, you'll buy a Mac mini immediately. And I can assure you that you won't regret it, x86 or not.