Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 2
Subject:   Strange behavor
Date:   2002-01-31 00:15:30
From:   tjj
Looking fwd to part 3!
I encountered two problems after initial permissions problems were solved: 1 running "mail" terminal informed me that "/var/mail/tjj" is a directory. I could access the /Documents/mbox file using "mail -f". Inside the "/var/mail/tjj" was dot, dot-dot and a file named msg.nSh (or something). After rm -r the tjj directory, mail performed as it should.
2 Now I'm able to send mail to root (from terminal) and this mail is fwd'ed and accessable thru and the local Unix account. But is doen't show up in the Documents/mbox file..(mail -f) The cron output files sent (by root) to root *do*, however, show up here but apparently never reach whatever destination to be read by If I then (in terminal) copy the content into a new message and send this to root, it obediently turns up in the local Inbox (, but not in the Documents/mbox file accessed thru mail -f-
Isn't that odd?

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