Extreme System Administration
Subject:   The difference between Enterprise Support and
Date:   2005-04-04 01:59:05
From:   menglis3
LAMP support is that the guys with big iron / dinosaur experience have been doing this sort of System Administration for years. There are reasons why it has taken so long for it
some include:
cost - can your boss justify pairing (let alone the larger size teams of 6 or 7 people we use to support our customers) ?
process control - You can't support 15 different systems (not servers / boxes etc, but systems owned by different customers running different releases of OS, DBMS and application s/w) without some kind of standard process.
prioritisation - This is really business knowledge. You don't fix stuff as soon as it fall over, you fix what needs it when it needs it. Its teh custoemr who decides whats important, and what gets 24x7 coverage. And its a business, so they have to justify those decisons with cash money.

FWIW, it's not necessarily as exciting as having to fix stuff on a weekly basis, but I've been oncall on and off for over 20 years. I consider I've let myself down, as much as the Customer, if I get called out of hours.