Creating a Web Application with Ant and Tomcat 4
Subject:   Wow!
Date:   2005-04-04 06:23:40
From:   ITVGuy2000
This is without a doubt the best artical I have ever found regarding ant, mysql, and tomcat. It answers sooo many questions and is very well organized. I have yet to make this application work, but thats okay, I will, and the learning I have achieved through working through this artical has been invaluable.

Also, I just love the way it is organized. The links to more detailed information about code and such keep the artical readable and useful.

BIG THANKS! You have answered questions I have been trying to answer for a long time in a very straight forward and useful way.

BTW, it would be useful to update this artical for later versions of everything now that it is 2005. This includes apache, jdk, and MySQL which have all advanced to later versions since this artical was written.

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  1. Oh Well
    2005-04-04 19:07:52  ITVGuy2000 [View]

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