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Subject:   It doesn't play mp3's.
Date:   2002-01-31 19:52:14
From:   michele
Response to: It doesn't play mp3's.

It works perfectly for me using mp3s creating by iTunes2.

Maybe you have to change slightly the types defined in the array:

either by adding @"MP3"

or using the HFS file type (I don't know the exact file type, as I have no mp3 on OS9:


Another hint:

Try press the space bar, it could show the controller.

Or use what I did, show the controller at anytime:

// Display the controller taking in account the controller's size
[movieView showController: YES adjustingSize: YES];

Your code to resize the window at magnification 1.0

// Make the movie acccepts key and bring it to front
// to allow play in background
[movieWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront: self];

// Ensure that the controller redisplays after reopening a file
[movieWindow display];

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  1. Thanks, some observations
    2002-02-01 09:58:56  psheldon [View]

    • some isolations
      2002-02-01 11:16:34  psheldon [View]

      • some isolations
        2002-02-01 13:11:27  michele [View]

        • tried your ordering and no springs
          2002-02-02 10:27:24  psheldon [View]

          • forgot to tell fact
            2002-02-02 10:32:53  psheldon [View]

            • thanks michele
              2002-02-03 21:56:46  psheldon [View]

            • added if before size adjustment to avoid mp3's
              2002-02-02 18:50:56  psheldon [View]

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