Software Patents in the EU
Subject:   Patent misinformation misinformation
Date:   2005-04-05 03:56:38
From:   Sage
Response to: Patent misinformation misinformation

Bruce this was an outstanding commentary point by point. I know it took some time but from my perspective was dead on! The effort is appreciated. I am one of those inventors, with one of those BMP patents who is enforcing rights under the laws of the United States.

When you look out of the window from our perspective it is clearer to see who is really generating this "false" debate.

I cannot help remembering a meeting many years ago with a manager from a partially funded operation by NASA (at the bequest of the Federal Government). Over lunch he looked at me steely eyed and said, “Why do you want to own this when all you have to do is control it. Controlling is what it is all about.” Problem is I was not and still am not a government, standards, or multinational operation. I cannot “control” a thing, my charter so to speak and the law does not allow such a thing. Only quasi-governmental operations and wealthy multi-nationals are afforded that luxury.). The constitutional writers knew that this is how it works without legal protections; those with power and resources can “take” what they want. They, the constituional framers, did an outstanding job which has allowed the ‘colonist’ to flourish.