Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Access to the sites
Date:   2005-04-05 14:41:58
From:   kathryne
Response to: Access to the sites

<< guess this might be a dumb question but im not too good with all this network stuff :D. id appreciate any help. many thanks in advance. >> question is a dumb question, especially when you're first setting up and getting started doing your own webserver. I'm having some problems too and basically I feel like I'm out on a desert posing questions which I can never get answers to...not only on this forum, but on other forums as well. I've read on how to setup in the "Mac OS X, the Complete Reference Manual," but it's of little help. Apple needs to put up some websites with step-to-step visual instructions on how to host and get your website to be seen by others. This is very exasperating! Hope you find answers to your questions.