Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   me too : Cannot access username via the
Date:   2002-02-01 06:56:24
From:   morbus
Response to: me too : Cannot access username via the

The ServerName directive, as described from the Apache documentation: "The ServerName directive sets the hostname of the server; this is used when creating redirection URLs. If it is not specified, then the server attempts to deduce it from its own IP address; however this may not work reliably, or may not return the preferred hostname."

Basically, since Apache isn't getting a name, it's guessing at one, and choosing the address, as you see in the message you copied for me. If your OS X machine has an IP address on your network, then you should use THAT as the URL to try and get to from your OS 8 machine.

When you try to get to 127 on your OS 8 machine, you're, in essence, saying "hey! I have a server on this OS 8 machine! use it!". Since that's not the case, you've got to say "hey! I have a server on my OS X machine, which is called (example)! use it!".

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