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Subject:   Export Book from iPhoto
Date:   2005-04-06 14:16:11
From:   cephoto
Response to: Export Book from iPhoto

I was looking for an article just like yours never thinking I'd find
it. I want to use the feature in iPhoto "Book" to create a slide show of my portfolio with the assembled page images. Your article details just this only at step #4 you say-

(4) iPhoto - After assembling a Book, click the Preview button. This assembles the Book and allows you to see each page of the Book (and thumbnails of each page) using the Preview application.

(5) Preview - Within Preview, select Export from the File menu at the top of the screen. Click on each thumbnail page of the Book in order and save each page in a Photoshop format. This is a page by page process. Give each page a different name and for convenience, save them to a single folder (I use a folder on the desktop). Unlike the Photoshop format, the jpg and Tiff formats within Preview always save just the first page of the Book regardless of the page or thumbnail selected.

Well, I'm using iPhoto 4 and when you click "Preview" the Book, it
opens in a window within iPhoto, not Preview, and does not have the thumbnails mentioned in #5. And going to the File Menu with the preview window active, Export is grayed out. Clicking any image in the Book thumbnails, in iPhoto/Book allows you to Export but only all of the original images in the album, not pages in the book.
To be clear, I do not want to publish the pages to the web. I only want to create a QT Movie with the pages in the iPhoto Book.
What am I doing wrong??

Carl Edwards