Cat Fight in a Pet Store: J2EE vs. .NET
Subject:   .NET vs J2EE By Jambu
Date:   2002-02-01 13:45:45
From:   kjambu
I read your article on .NET vs J2EE
PetStore comparison analysis.

I feel you were also slightly biased
towards Java.

I am a strong supporter/follower of
Java since its inception and have been
writing Java code since then.

But agree or not, .NET really sweeped
the scene. The awesome features of the
.NET Framework made me think, When will
Java enjoy such status.

Neither Portability nor Performance can be
underplayed. And with the advent of XML
Web Services, i don't think portability
anymore is a non-achievable issue. Performance
can be underplayed at any cost in today's
crowded e-market place.

And saying that Java Pet Store was intended
towards learning and not to expose any other
functionality of Java, for me looks like
an unacceptable argument. You dont need a
Java Pet Store from Sun to Learn Java.

And ridiculing on Microsoft counting LOCs
is slightly overboard. Definitely code
is supposed to be as concise as possible.

Still I love Java and J2EE.

One last question, just think and see how
many centuries will IBM and WebGain take
to develop an IDE like .NET, where you can
do EVERYTHING for the Internet. That is
.NET is it not. Just look at the fate of
Sun's Forte. Except for EJBs, even today
we use notepad (Microsoft's) for writing
Java code.

When something deserves merit, Let us
give them the credit with full applause.
Bill Gates and his team definitely
deserve it!.

The only time I really appreciated Sun
was when they revolutionized Web Programming
with Servlets when all of us were toying
around with a crude tool ASP, but again there
is nothing to stop saying that even ASP
deserves credit because that was the only
solution at that point in time.

According to me, like Unix and Windows,
Coke and Pepsi - .NET and J2EE will gotogether
for sometime...But take it from me
this time on the winner is going to be Microsoft
with .NET

Because I stongly loved and still love Java
I cannot bring down a well thought out
solution like .NET

Sorry, if i have been blunt in many places.

I still love Java...But I love .NET more now.


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